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The Silk Road Board & Governance Institute, SR BGI is an international professional community of directors, managers, business owners, investors and experts. The Institute specializes in promoting best practices in corporate governance and board performance in public, private and state-owned companies in the Silk Road countries, to support the growth and economic development of the Region.
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Creating a regional standard
SR BGI is contributing to the formation and development of a regional corporate governance standard based on leading international practices with due consideration for the cultural and commercial specifics of the Silk Road countries.

The Institute specializes in promoting best practices in corporate governance and boards of directors in companies along the Silk Road, to support the growth and economic prosperity of the region. SR BGI conducts professional development programs for owners, senior management and directors, and provides expert support to shareholders and management of both private and public companies on the establishment and increased effectiveness of boards of directors. It also carries out research work relevant to these initiatives.
A unique opportunity to become part of a professional community
Cooperation with the Institute is an opportunity to broaden your horizons and join a unique professional community
Professional development
SR BGI runs educational programs for chairmen and members of boards of directors, independent directors, top managers working with the boards of directors of state, public and private companies. The programs are designed on the basis of the methodologies and programs of the IFC, the British Institute of Directors (IoD UK), and the Academy of the Association of Independent Directors. Upon completion of the program, students receive an international certificate.
Independent director. Silk Road. Best international practices in company management
Students of the program gain practical knowledge in the field of company management based on advanced international standards, deep study of the role of corporate governance and the full range of practical aspects of the work of boards and independent directors.

International professional development program “The effective CEO: how to manage a growing business?”
Program participants will gain insights into global issues regarding effective and charismatic leadership, professional management as a business owner, and how to develop a company organizationally and lay the foundations of a sustainable corporate culture.
Graduates of the program
Changes in the region
Graduates of the Institute’s international programs are to be found in the top 50 companies in the Region and are managers and owners of successful and growing businesses. Many of them are agents of large-scale transformation processes that the economies of Central Asian countries are currently undergoing, contributing to the development of the Region, attracting local and international investments, introducing standards and approaches to corporate governance, implementing breakthrough innovative projects that contribute to the creation of a favorable business environment.

Cooperation with leading international organizations
Experts from the Institute conduct research into the development of corporate governance in the Silk Road countries in cooperation with major international organizations. The Institute’s research initiatives contribute to harmonizing approaches, helping introduce practical improvements in the field of corporate governance in the region, and thus play a complementary role to that of regulators and other key stakeholders in the Central Asian market.
The research of the Institute's specialists is of an applied nature
The research results are an important source of information for decision-making by large businesses and regulatory authorities in the region
Selection of professional directors to supervisory boards
The formation of an effective board of directors remains one of the most discussed aspects of corporate governance in the investment community and among regulatory bodies. The main attention is paid to the issue of balancing the composition of the management board, primarily in terms of its independence, professionalism and the availability of the necessary level of diversity to implement the strategy and ensure sustainable development.

The process of selecting, nominating and electing directors plays a key role in ensuring the independence and optimal set of experience, knowledge and skills of members of the Board of Directors. The Institute's experts have considerable experience in the selection of independent directors for leading enterprises in Central Asia and are open to dialogue and cooperation.

Board assessment
Improving the efficiency of boards of directors in the interests of growth
Corporate governance standards are constantly evolving, and companies are challenged to comply with these as a key condition for successful development at both local and international levels. To assess the extent to which a company’s board is effective and compliant, the Institute provides services in the area of independent assessment of boards of directors.

This type of project involves assessing how effectively a board is working, how to strengthen trust in the board on the part of shareholders and other stakeholders, how to assure achievement of strategic goals, and how to organise the board’s activities most efficiently. Additionally, the independent assessment focuses on board dynamics, a culture on constructive discussion, increasing the level of involvement of directors, as well as on compliance of the practice of the Board with regional and international standards.
External evaluation has become an attribute of a modern company
Regulators, investors and partners want to make sure that the Board of Directors plays an important role in shaping the future of risk management and ensuring the sustainability of their companies
International Business Summit of Silk Road Directors
An authoritative annual business event for discussion and exchange of best practices, as well as the formation of an agenda for business development in the region
The Institute is the organizer of a key annual business event for directors - the “Annual Business Summit of Directors in the Silk Road Countries”, which brings together owners, directors and executives of companies, as well as representatives of the regulator, the State and international investors. The event traditionally takes place in the capital of one of the Central Asian countries.

The Business Summit addresses challenges related to the transformation of the economies of the Region, attracting international capital and creating a favorable investment climate, questions relating to privatization of state assets, the establishment and work of supervisory boards, practices of managing large assets, successful examples of business growth and the advancement of sustainability in the Region.
The International Business Summit is an event that attracts key players in the Silk Road region
More than 350 delegates from 10 Central Asian countries share their experience, opinions and vision of economic transformations in the region
SilkRoad Director of the Year Award
Prestigious Director 's Award
SR BGI, in partnership with leading business and director associations, holds an annual Director of the Year Award. The purpose of the Award is to showcase significant success stories for the market, to recognize the personal contribution of directors to corporate development and sustainability, to strengthen the business reputation of companies in the eyes of society, regulators, investors, and the business community.
Co-Founder and CEO
Alexander Ikonnikov
Leading international expert in the field of corporate governance
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Philip Gudgeon
Top manager and leading expert in strategy, operational efficiency, risk management, corporate governance and ESG
Educational programs Partner
Igor Rozanov
Head of IDA Academy
Educational programs Partner
Hikmat Abdurakhmanov
Co-Founder of TEAM University
Central Asia
Corporate governance is the driving force behind the creation of a favorable investment climate in Central Asia
In the Central Asian Region, a course has been set towards the transformation of the State economy, transition to a market economy, the creation of an effective management system and the formation of a favorable investment climate. The main demand of investors to the market is to improve the quality of management, the transparency and protection of investors and potential partners, and the independence of decision-making in the interests of business and stakeholders.

Private companies focused on growth need accessible and affordable capital and strategic partnerships. The introduction of sound corporate governance principles is an important driver promoting the economic development and investment attractiveness of companies with private and public capital.
Central Asia is one of the fastest growing regions in the world
Corporate governance is the language of international business communication and the driving force behind the creation of a favorable investment climate in the region
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